Inflated Balloons Guidance

London Helium Balloons adheres to EBPC Code of Best Practice

Longevity of Balloons and allergy considerations
Foil balloons typically last longer than latex balloons, which unless specially treated will only stay floating for 12 hours max.  Latex balloons can be specially treated which means they will last up to 3 days as opposed to 12 hours.

Latex balloons can be used in balloon releases but curling ribbon must not be attached to the balloon as it causes environmental problems.

Foil balloons are a good choice for children’s parties particularly when you know or are unsure if one of your guests suffers from a latex allergy.

Foil balloons must always be attached to a weight and must never be released into the atmosphere as they can cause great harm to the environment. Foil balloons will never have metallic curling ribbon attached as this can cause a hazard.

Helium is sensitive to heat as it will expand in heat and contract in the cold, we inflate the balloons in a median temperature to minimise problems but be aware on occasion the balloons may seem to contract, when placed in a warmer room they will expand back to normal again, this is more evident with foil balloons than with latex balloons.

The float time of the balloons listed below is for guidance, depending on the environment and temperature, the float time may vary.  For example, even treated balloons have a shorter float time in hot weather as opposed to cold weather.

Average Float time

Helium filled latex balloons

11″ latex balloons: up to 12 hours

Treated 11″ latex balloons: Up to 3-4 days

11″ Confetti filled latex Balloons: 5-7 hours

16″ Latex Balloons: 30 hours

36″ (3ft) Latex Balloons: 3-5 days

36″ (3ft) Confetti filled latex Balloons: 2-3 days

Helium Filled Foil Balloons

18″/20″ foil: 3-5 days

Shaped Foils: 3-5 days

Giant letters & Number Foil Balloons: 3-5 days

Orbz/Diamondz/Cubez: 3-5 days

Bubble Balloons

Bubble Balloons: 1-2 weeks

Confetti Filled Bubble Balloons: 1-2 weeks