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Welcome to the blog of London Helium Balloons, A company set up to minimize the stress levels present when organizing and hosting a party. With all the preparations and planning required, one can sometimes forget oneself, when you should be taking a step back and enjoying yourself after all it is a celebration.

Included in this blog are a range of tips and ideas that will assist in making your party that much easier and enjoyable. You will find ideas for entertainment, themes, food as well as checklists, money and time saving tips. Our aim is to help our readers maximise their resources and ultimately enjoy the celebration as much as the guests will.

Decoration tips

Depending on the individual decorations can range from being extravagant to being non-existent.  The extent of room decorations is entirely dependent upon the host and budget available. Helium balloons are an obvious way to decorate a room quickly to add to special atmosphere, but one often overlooked consideration is with regards to latex allergies.  Before you order latex balloons make sure none of your guest suffer from a latex allergy as they are becoming increasingly common.

Latex balloons are a cheap way to decorate but be aware that the float time of latex balloons is not that great 11-12″ latex balloons filled with helium will float for up to 14 hours and 9-10″ helium balloons will float for up to 10 hours.

Whilst disposable helium cylinder kits may seem like a great value and easy buy they are often not what they seem- in order to inflate the full amount of balloons you need to under inflate the balloons further reducing the float time, it is also quite time consuming. To make life easier both on your time and your wallet we provide 30 9″ balloons inflated with helium with ribbon for only £25.


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